THIS JUST IN: Our new look is here!


You may have noticed we look a bit different and that is a direct result of no one else but our favorite people…YOU!
In the very short time we have been around, we have gotten amazing feeback on the site and, after sifting through it all, we have learned two things:

1) you Revolutionaries are passionate about your revolution!!


2) you want a Boom Boom! Community to revolutionize with!

We heard you loud and clear!

So now after you log in and go to the home page, you have a whole new lay out with news feeds, featured Boom Booms, questions of the day and weekly challenges. Now you can immediately see the latest happenings in the Revolution, who’s doing them, as well as what all the other Revolutionaries are up to…all from the comfort of your home page! SWEET!

Now, you also might notice that some of the site is a little “wonky” (to use the official technical term) and, while we don’t love that, we’ve learned it’s par for the course when you’re in beta and pushing a new site live. Especially a site like this…it’s a new concept that’s never been done before and we’re finding that that can pose some challenges!

Stick with us, though, and we promise it’ll be worth the wait!

We can’t tell you how much we love that you are here.

Boom Boom!

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