Chill’sBlog: Dance of Gratitude

The great U2 lyrics… “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” have always moved me, but not today. Why? Because I have come to believe that, in life, we do actually find exactly what we’re looking for, we just might not be aware of it. If we want to find love, it is right there. If we want to find hatred, it is right there. If we want to find joy, it is right there. If we want to find energy, it is right there. What we look for is exactly what we find. If what you are finding is harsh, it is what you were looking for. If what you are finding is uplifting, it is what you were looking for. I have been doing quite a few Boom Boom! Cards lately and I am impressed by how they have changed what I see. Because my focus has been on good, I am seeing more of it…all around me. When I start feeling that the world is not good I believe that what I am doing, albeit unconsciously, is looking for and finding the bad.

I have become a firm believer in celebrating what is right with the world, rather than what’s wrong. Stop right now and look at your life, your world and find the things there are to celebrate. Yes, life is hard right now. Yes, we are facing some of the toughest times in recent history, and still there is goodness happening all around us…if we chose to see it. Instead of focusing on what we are losing or don’t have, what will happen if we notice what we do have or what we create in the absence of that which we had become accustomed to? Recognize what we do have and build on that.

So here’s the challenge: do a gratitude dance and get as many people around you to do it with you. What is a gratitude dance, you ask? Any movement that expresses gratitude; it’s that simple. Plus, it feels pretty dang good. Take a look at this video for inspiration.

Think you can do it? We believe in you and your ability to move yourself as well as the world. Get up, dance and see the greatness around you. Boom Boom!

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  1. Theresa Fry says:

    Isn’t it amazing and humbling at the same time that what we are seeking is already right there? I have also found that whatever is happening in my life is meant to happen for one reason or another just because it is happening!

    There is so much greatness around us, so many things that make this world beautiful! I loved the gratitude dance!!!!

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