News: Boom Boom! Rocked the Tent at the Emmys Gift Suite

What an adventure!

A nine hour ride to LA in Rosie the Boom Boom! Bus. Ran out of gas en route (dorks!). Went to a taping of “The Ellen Show”. Drove all over LA filming season two footage for “Journey to Ellen”. Spent two days handing out Boom Boom! Cards to some awesome celebrities. Made another nine hour drive back home, complete with a 2:00 AM traffic stop by the CHP (and although we had talked to Erik Estrada earlier that day, sadly, it was not him). And, did we mention the tarantula? Well, that will have to wait for another time.

Anyway, check out Hélène & Mary Beth, just before the doors opened, gettin’ ready to spread some Boom Boom!.

Connected Emmys Gift Suite 2009
C’mom…who could resist?

Connected Emmys Gift Suite 2009 Photo Album

Here are some awesome photo highlights of the fabulous two days we spent at Connected’s Emmys Gift Lounge. It was hot. And we’re not talking degrees. Although it was almost a hundred both days, so, okay, maybe we are talking degrees. In any case, it was a pile of fun! We met some awesome people…from newcomers on the Hollywood scene, to familiar faces from some of the most beloved TV shows and movies of all time.

The best part? No matter the age of the star, the genre in which they performed or their “status”, they loved Boom Boom! Cards, one and all. You could see that they thought we were on to something and, truth be told, we think we are too. Boom Boom!

James Kyson Lee from "Heroes"
James Kyson Lee from “Heroes”

He was pretty impressed! Told us, “This is one of the better products I’ve seen at these things.” Thanks James! Boom Boom!

Michael Rady from the new "Melrose Place"
Michael Rady from the new “Melrose Place”.

Not only is this guy adorable, he was amazingly kind and down to earth. He loved the cards…and we loved him!

Colin Egglesfield from the new "Melrose Place"
Colin Egglesfield from the new “Melrose Place”.

Great guy! He thought the whole idea was pretty cool.

Angela Cartwright from "The Sound of Music" & TVs original "Lost in Space"
Mary Beth with Angela Cartwright from “The Sound of Music” & TVs original “Lost in Space”.

Okay, so this is one of MB’s childhood idols, she played Brigitta in “The Sound of Music”, which is one of MB’s favorite movies. Watching it with over and over with her family as a child is one of MB’s great childhood memories. This was a cool moment.

Alexander Gould from "Weeds"
Alexander Gould from “Weeds”.

Loved this kid! He was thoughtful, articulate and couldn’t wait to play his cards.

Mark Feuerstein from "Royal Pains" & "The Hustler"
Mark Feuerstein from “Royal Pains” & “The Hustler”.

Such a nice man. Truly enjoyed his energy.

Brittany Curran from "Men of a Certain Age" with Ray Romano.
Brittany Curran from “Men of a Certain Age” with Ray Romano. This young woman has a very promising career ahead of her! She was great.

Danielle Petty in soon to be released movie, "Dead Air"
Danielle Petty in soon to be released movie, “Dead Air”. A truly genuine human being who spent almost twenty minutes talking with us! She was just fabulous.

Joel Gretsch from the newest version of the TV show "V"
Joel Gretsch from the newest version of the TV show “V”. He was a super cool guy with a great attitude.

David Henrie, Wizards of Waverly Place
David Henrie from “Wizards of Waverly Place” was way into the cards! He had all kinds of questions and was truly interested in what we were doing. Think he even said something like, “This is sick”, which we’re pretty sure is a good thing.

Dawn Wells, Gilligans Island
Dawn Wells from “Gilligans Island”. Yes, folks of a certain age, the real Mary Ann. How cool is that?

Dulé Hill, West Wing, Psych
Dulé Hill from “West Wing” and, currently, “Psych” with his beautiful wife, Nicole.

Talk about cool. These two were not only cool, but genuinely nice and had only great things to say about the cards.

Ed Asner, Mary Tyler Moore, UP

MB, from “Journey to Ellen”, with none other than THE Ed Asner. What else can you say? He’s an icon. From, “Mary Tyler Moore” to voicing the character Carl in Pixar’s “UP”, he’s practically a living legend.

And, he was as kind and fabulous as you’d think he would be. After hearing about what we were trying to do with Boom Boom! Cards, Mr. Asner (yes, that’s what we called him…just couldn’t say “Ed”) said, “Commendable work ladies.” Boom Boom!

Eric Martsolf, Days of our Lives
Eric Martsolf from the soap ,”Days of our Lives”, was excited to bring these back to his wife because he new she’d love them. He said they’d do them together. How cute!

Jason-Gray Stanford, Monk
Jason Gray-Stanford from “Monk” was funny and very kind. He was so excited about the cards he took two packs!

Jay McCarroll, season1winnerof project runway
Jay McCarroll, Season 1 winner of “Project Runway”. Now this guy was HILARIOUS and EXACTLY what you saw on the show. We had a great time yuckin’ it up with him.

joe mantegna, criminal minds
Joe Mantegna from “Criminal Minds” is just one class act all around. Enjoyed meeting him.

kathryn newton, gary unmarried
Kathryn Newton from “Gary Unmarried” was adorable. She was so sweet and super excited to get her cards. Another young woman with a great career ahead of her.

kristina guerrero, E! News
Kristina Guerrero from “E! News” took some extra time with us, which was nice. She was certainly intrigued.

kyle kaplan, nick braun, 10 Things I Hate About You
Kyle Kaplan & Nick Braun from “10 Things I Hate About You”. What a couple of characters! Loved them and their energy. They thought the cards were pretty, “Dope”.

malcom-jamal warner, sherri, the cosby show
Malcolm-Jamal Warner of “Cosby Show” fame has a new comedy TV show out this fall called “Sherri”.

Cannot say enough about this amazing guy. He was present, thoughtful, interested and, best of all, with his mom! After meeting Pam, it was easy to see why Malcolm was so dang awesome.

nicole anderson, jonas
Nicole Anderson from new TV series “Jonas”. What a doll! Such a nice person and really excited about her cards.

niecy nash, insider, E! news
Niecy Nash, correspondent for “The Insider” and host of “Clean House” on Style TV.

What a personality! She said she was going to take the cards and Boom Boom! everyone she knew. You go, Niecy!

rj mitte, nikki soohoo, breaking bad, the lovely bones
RJ Mitte from “Breaking Bad” & Nikki Soohoo from the new movie “The Lovely Bones”, Starring Mark Wahlberg, Susan Sarandon & Stanley Tucci.

How cute are these two? Answer? Boom Boom! Cute.

john salley, NBA All-Star
John Salley is tall. Really, reallly tall.

From the Pistons, to the Bulls to the Lakers, he is among the NBA’s great players and has played on some of the greatest teams. He was as cool and nice as he was tall. We were really honored to have him pose with the cards…we found out later he doesn’t always do that. Sweet.


  1. Diane Barrera says:

    Ladies, great job at the Emmy Gift Suite! Loved the stories and photos – kudos for getting Ed Asner on board.

    As a side note, I was in a new store in Santa Cruz this weekend and noticed the Boom Boom Cards. While talking to the shop owner about them her response was “people love these cards, they come in asking for them. They need their Boom Boom cards.”

    Keep up the great work!

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