News: What the World Needs Now…

…is love sweet love, it’s the only thing there’s just too little of.

Remember that song? Yep, it’s pretty dang old, but still so relevant, even today.  This is EXACTLY what the world needs. Everyday. For every person. That’s why we love Valentine’s Day here in the Boom Boom! Room, because it’s a great reason to talk about love!

We’ve had a few people contact us to let us know they are using Boom Boom! Cards this year for Valentine’s Day instead of the traditional cards and we thought this was such a great idea, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. It makes sense, of course…why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by spreading some Boom Boom! After all, Valentine’s Day is all about the love and so are Boom Boom! Cards.

Yeah, we know, traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been more the time to recognize that romantic love in your life and, while we think that is obviously, awesome, this year why not open up Valentine’s Day to love in general and share it with Boom Boom! Cards?

So, here’s a run down on ways in which other Revolutionaries have used their cards that make sense to do on Valentine’s Day. Reading these will hopefully inspire you to find a way to use your cards for the Big Day of Love. And, when you do, please, let us know!! We love to hear how the Revolutionaries on the front lines are playing their cards. It always inspires us!


4_originalCard #4:

Write a letter to a mentor who inspired you

What better day to show love than by acknowledging appreciation for that special person in your life who has helped you become the person you are today? Could be a teacher, a parent, a best friend, or even your partner. Use February 14th as the reason to reach out to them and let them know. Here’s a Boom Boom! that did just that…and check out what happened.


8_originalCard #8:

Contact someone you haven’t spoken with in a while*

*Revoltutionize it. Make it someone with whom you’ve had a rocky relationship

Okay, we know this is a hard one, and might not seem very “Valentinesy”, but check out this Boom Boom!. It’s pretty cool. This awesome woman used Thanksgiving as the reason to play her card, certainly Valentine’s Day is just as good a reason!


20_originalCard #20:

Leave a note of praise for someone to find in an unexpected place

Check out how Revolutionary Michelle Gannon used card 20…and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day, just a random day of the week. It sure could have been, though. She does a beautiful job making Card #20 a romantic homage to the love of her life…and you can too!


15_originalCard #15: Wildcard!

Well, this really doesn’t need any explanation, does it? Card #15 is the perfect excuse to do something wild, whimsical, fun and kind for a person you love this Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully these posts above stirred up some fantastic ideas within you of how to spread all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to put it out there. Because, afterall, it is what the world needs now. And, it’s our job to deliver.


Still curious about the song referenced above? There have been a lot of versions of the song by a myriad of people, but this is the first and remains the classic. Here is vintage footage of the original version sung by Jackie DeShannon, circa 1965.

It’s fun to watch, and the message timeless. The world will always need love.

Whatever you end up doing this Valentine’s Day we hope it’s full of Boom Boom!

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