News: A Small Act Documentary Movie Partners with Boom Boom! Revolution

We’ve got some super exciting news that’s hot off the press…oops, we mean the film reel!

We’ve recently partnered up with the A Small Act HBO documentary movie in order to spread our shared message: that simple gestures of kindness can have a dramatic impact on others and inspire more good actions! We’re so proud to be partnering with such a great film.

A Small Act is a documentary film with an inspiring message about the power of generosity. We’ve created a special Boom Boom! card that will be handed out at A Small Act film screenings, so that those people who are moved by this message can take steps to perform their own small acts of kindness. Plus, a special Boom Boom! insert is included with the DVD for those who host community screenings of A Small Act!

To learn more about A Small Act and what makes it so Boom Boom!, check out:

A Small Act Movie

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  1. Erika Schmidt says:

    Would LOVE to host a screening in Livermore, Ca, for Granada High School students!!

    Please let me know if you would be interested!

    Erika Schmidt

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