News: Boom Boom! Loves World Kindness Week :: Nov 8-14

World Kindness Week is here!

Everyday Boom Booms…and Everyday Boom Boom! is the perfect place to shout about it. Yes, right here you can document, give props to and report any and all acts of awesomeness you witness, perform or are the recipient of. And, not just this week mind you…it can be done ANY TIME! Why celebrate world kindness for one measly week out of the year? Let’s make it a habit to recognize the good that’s out there in an effort to inspire and create more.

Everyday Boom Boom! Makes it Easy to Celebrate World Kindness.

Here’s How:

With an existing account:

  1. Click here to post your Everyday Boom Boom!
    if you’re not logged in you’ll need to do that first
  2. Fill it out, tell your story (you can upload pics and/or video too!).
  3. Hit “Save”.
  4. Done!

Without an account:

1. Click here to create a new account (it’s quick & painless, promise).
2. When done, you’ll  have a chance to complete your profile (c’mon, do it!).
3. Return to to this blog post and post your Everyday Boom Boom!
4. Now tell your story about an awesome act of guerilla goodness you witnessed, performed or were the recipient of.
5. Hit save.
6. Done!

See…it wasn’t that bad, now was it?

Thanks for adding your contribution to the Good Stream in favor of World Kindness. Now, you should be all set to celebrate World Kindness Week and World Kindness Day 2010 (Nov. 13th). You’ve given someone props and you most likely inspired someone else too! It’s a two-fer. Well done.

Boom Boom

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