Kind Find: Don’t Ever Tire of Kindness

This act of awesome was forwarded to us by a fan. Check it out.

We don’t know about you, but our minds = blown. This is the kind of thing that shines a light on just how incredible human beings can be and makes us excited for where the world is headed. Happily, this fantastic bit of altruism also arrives just as World Kindness Week approaches next week, starting November 13th.

In celebration of World Kindness Week, we’ll be posting Kind Finds such as this one each day. And, like the fan who sent us this post, don’t hesitate to share with us the every day awesome that you see in the world. We’ll be happy to shout about the acts of kindness you’ve witnessed to as many people as we possibly can.  We know there is a whole lot of good out there and we’re eager to spread the word because we truly believe, the more of it we see, the more of it there will be.

The Uprising of Guerilla Goodness is in full swing and everyday there’s proof. This post inspires and encourages us to create more pure, genuine and simple intentional kindness like this. We hope it does you, too. In fact, why not let us know what your plans are here!

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