News: Pay It Forward by ‘Plating It Forward’

It’s time to rinse and repeat! And no, we’re not talking about shampooing, we’re talking about our new inspirational plates from the Boom Boom! Cards lineup of kindness products, Plate it Forward!

Inspired by Card #13 from the Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck, this unique plate offers a brand new way to pay it forward as well as pass on two of the most vital joys of life: love and food.

You can read more about the newest (and tastiest!) way to pay it forward in the Boom Boom! Store at Better yet, why not tune in to watch our Plate it Forward product work its magic (below), instead?

In three easy steps, you can pay it forward to a lucky sweet-treats recipient, then rinse and repeat as often as you choose.

Tell us: Which special recipe will you break out to ‘plate it forward’ with Boom Boom!’s new inspirational plate?

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