News: Acts of Kindness from 2012

A Boom Boom! New Year to You

We hope this newsletter finds you, like us, excited about the shiny New Year that’s been given to us.  We’re thrilled to welcome all the Agents of Altruism who have signed on to spread Guerilla Goodness in 2013 and we also look forward to hearing more from the Agents who have been with us in the past.

What’s happening on the Front Lines of the Boom Boom! Revolution is nothing short of amazing and YOU are the reason. Thank you for believing in the power of kindness and its ability to transform our world. YOU are making a difference and the we are all better for it. Thank you.

Here’s a small sample of what last year looked like for Boom Boom! Cards and why the Revolution is making a difference. We can hardly wait to see what acts of kindness you all do in 2013!

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