Agent of the Month: February 2013


This month’s Agent of Altruism is: Partyof5!

From the time they joined the Revolution back in April of 2011, this family team of hardworking Agents has done much to impact their corner of the world in Denver, Colorado while inspiring others across the globe to do the same. From “Random Acts of Free Lemonade” to “Saving Santa” this dedicated family of do gooders is a tremendous asset to the Boom Boom! Revolution and is helping spread Guerilla Goodness on all fronts.

Made up of husband and wife team, Cathy and Merlin along with their three children ages nine, four and one, Partyof5’s Boom Boom! profile explains their motivation:

“We hope that our family stories help inspire others to commit random acts of kindness in their everyday lives.”

We think they’re doing an impressive job with that goal and that’s why they’re this month’s featured Agents of Altrusim!


Check out these impressive stats (as of 2/1/2013):

We asked Cathy to answer a few questions about Partyof5’s Boom Boom! experience and here’s what she had to say:

Who are the other members of your Boom Boom! Team?
Myself, my husband Merlin and our 3 kids ages 9, 4 and 1 are Partyof5.

What’s your favorite card to play? Why?
I adore Everyday Boom Boom’s. We love to look for any opportunity big or small at any given time. This makes the Everydays a perfect fit.

What’s the best thing about playing Boom Boom! Cards?
There is an indescribable feeling that comes from putting kindness out into the world as often as possible and to be able to pass that message on to my kids in such a human, everyday way is priceless.

What’s the most surprising thing about playing Boom Boom! Cards?
There are so many creative ways to help others and our world once you stop thinking along the same old lines.

What inspired you to play Boom Boom! Cards in the first place
I am hooked on helping others, no matter how corny that may sound. When I came across Boom Boom cards I found them to be the perfect way for me to teach my kids and further my passion for helping all at the same time.

Did you have an experience playing the cards that left an impression on you?
One year we slipped $100 inside of a Christmas card signed by Santa into the grocery cart of a couple and their son who looked like they really needed a hand. They drove past us on their way out and the woman looked happy enough to burst. She was laughing and crying. I will never forget that.

Of all your Boom Boom!s, do you have a favorite?
I think the day I stopped on a stroll with our youngest and ran around a schoolyard like a crazy woman picking up all of their trash. It was a MESS. They may have thought I was some kind of nut but someone must have taken my craziness to heart because I haven’t seen a piece of trash on that school lawn since!!

So, here’s to you, Partyof5! Thanks for being critical members in the Revolution of Kindness and for prolifically spreading Guerilla Goodness everywhere you go. We are proud to be on the same team with you and we look forward to seeing more of your acts of awesome.

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