Agent of the Month: Introducing Agent K, March’s Agent of Altruism!


An Awesome Everyday Boom Boom! Courtesy of Agent K

Although an Agent of Altruism for less than a year, Agent K has certainly made an impact! From her home base in Australia, Agent K has committed an impressive number of feats of Guerilla Goodness, including revolutionizing Card #20 in a big way with “Box of Happiness” and performing an extreme version of Card #13 in “Flood Clean Up” after Hurricane Oswald damaged the Queensland coast. Agent K is such an inspiration because she almost always revolutionizes every card she plays!

In addition to playing the cards, Agent K thinks “Everyday Boom Boom! is gold!“ Her post, “Free Compliments”, is kind AND clever. The picture on the left speaks for itself!

Agent K’s stats also speak for themselves:

Clearly, Agent K is serious about spreading Guerilla Goodness and is “absolutely honored to be the monthly Agent of Altruism.” We did ask her for a picture, but she decided she would rather remain totally anonymous and, instead, sent us a picture that she felt best represented what she’s about. We LOVE this picture and, based on her presence on the Boom Boom! Cards site, we think it communicates EXACTLY what Agent K is up to.

Here’s more of what Agent K had to say
about playing Boom Boom! Cards:

1. If you’re not acting alone, who are the other members of your Boom
Boom! Team?

I mainly act alone but occasionally I get friends and/or family involved.

2. What was your favorite card to play? Why?

The Everyday Boom Boom! is gold. It challenges me to think ‘What can I
do today’ and gives me the opportunity to repeat other cards I’ve
loved. Second to this card I love Card 1 ‘Buy a stranger a coffee’. I
Especially love reading how other Agents of Altruism played this card.
I’m not going to lie I have on occasion cried reading them.

3. What’s the best thing about playing Boom Boom! Cards?

Knowing that you’re bringing joy to someone else. That you’re helping out
a stranger in need, cheering up someone who may be having a tough day,
letting people know they’re not doing life alone and that there are
people out there that care about them. I think it all just comes down
to ‘loving thy neighbor’.

4. What’s the most surprising thing about playing Boom Boom! Cards?

The simplicity and the impact. How in a moment you can choose to make someone’s day or break it and your choice then influences that person subconsciously in a ‘pay it forward’ mentality. Boom Boom! Cards allows one to spread cheer and put
a stop to the chain of negativity and bullying. It really is a revolution!

5. What was the hardest Boom Boom! Card to play?

For me the hardest ones where the broader ones:- ‘hold the door open’,
‘smile at everyone’. They’re things I normally do so I found it hard
to make it different to the everyday…. So really I just complicated
it and then it was actually quite easy!

6. What inspired you to play Boom Boom! Cards in the first place?

I actually made a bucket list of 20 things to do before I was 20 and
being the kindness addict I am I added ‘Random act of kindness’ to my
list. Shortly after I found Boom Boom! Cards and I thought they were
the perfect tool.

7. Did you have an experience playing the cards that left an
impression on you? If so, what was it?

‘Your snack is on me!’ was one of my first Boom Boom! experiences. It
was such a simple idea and yet had a bigger impact than I could have
thought. The student who found it took a picture and uploaded it to
our university forum on Facebook. I found out from a friend who showed it to a
me a few days later saying ‘Look what I saw. How cool is this!’ It
made me smile. Over 400 students ‘liked’ and commented on the post. I
just wanted to impact one student but my deed ended up affecting

8. Of all your Boom Boom!s, do you have a favorite?

I think my favourite is yet to be done. I have so many ideas and
creative ways to play the rest of my deck. I just can’t wait to put
those thoughts into actions.

Thank you, Agent K, for being such an important and amazing member of the Revolution. Keep up the impressive work. The world WILL change and it’s because of you and your passion for bringing this Revolution to life.

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    Nice work! You should do more Agent of the Months!

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