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Commit Acts of Kindness, Think Positive & Stay Well

Carry the holiday spirit into the New Year by committing acts of kindness, staying positive and spreading goodness wherever you go. If you’ve been feelin’ the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, you’re not alone! We feel you! On the go with much to do and much to tote? Be Sure To: And Think [...]

A New Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

Ever notice that most New Year’s Resolutions emerge from the negative? That they are generally based on some kind of behavior you’d like to minimize or stop doing altogether? Consider these common resolutions: I’ll stop eating more than I should…I won’t spend as much money…I won’t yell at my kids so much. Recognize any of [...]

News: Boom Boom! Rocked the Tent at the Emmys Gift Suite

What an adventure! A nine hour ride to LA in Rosie the Boom Boom! Bus. Ran out of gas en route (dorks!). Went to a taping of “The Ellen Show”. Drove all over LA filming season two footage for “Journey to Ellen”. Spent two days handing out Boom Boom! Cards to some awesome celebrities. Made [...]

News: Boom Boom! Books to Enjoy!

Last Wondering Wednesday we posed the question, “What was the best book you read this summer?” With so many great & varying responses, we thought it might be nice to compile the list for those of you looking for a new book recommendation as we head into Fall. Boom Boom! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Breakfast with Buddha and [...]

Chill’s Blog: Fans, Friends, and Followers

The language being used in internet social networking has been captivating me lately. It’s not so much a fascination with how easily we can all communicate with one another. Nor is it the intrigue of finding like-minded, like-hearted people with whom to connect. If either of those concepts were even slightly interesting to me, I [...]

Chill’s Blog

The rhythm of our lives creates the music of our days. Hmmmmm. I’m wondering if I’ve heard that somewhere before or if I’ve reached a new understanding of life…an epiphany so to speak…or at least a deep thought worth contemplating. I came to this idea on my run a couple mornings ago. It was a [...]

Chill’sBlog: Dance of Gratitude

The great U2 lyrics… “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” have always moved me, but not today. Why? Because I have come to believe that, in life, we do actually find exactly what we’re looking for, we just might not be aware of it. If we want to find love, it is [...]

Chill’s Blog: Dedicating our Actions

Last summer I took a series of Warrior Yoga classes from a sensei up at UCSC. I’m not exactly the yoga type…not very flexible and when I work out, I want to sweat, not chant (that shows you my yoga ignorance). Those classes kicked my butt! And they were also great for pushing on some [...]

Chill’s Blog: Game Plan

I played point guard in high school (that’s basketball for you non sports folks). No surprise if you’ve seen my legs and definitely no surprise if you’ve seen how slow I am. I had to make up for the short legs and lack of quickness by being smart on the court. My coach used to [...]

Chill’s Blog: Hiding Their Goodness

One of the great luxuries I have in traveling a lot with my job is that I get to work out at times other than my usual 5:30 am. So last month, I was watching the Ellen Show and a conversation I heard between her and Chris Matthews from Hardball with Chris Matthews has stuck with me. And as the inauguration date is getting nearer, their conversation has come back to me.