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The Earth is a Very Small Stage

Watch This. Yes, we know this video is 4:00 minutes long, but trust us, it’s worth it. Perspective is a wonderful gift and Carl Sagan gives it to us with these words. The video, posted by Adam Winnik on YouTube is also a gift and underscores Sagan’s brilliant insight. From astrophysics to the human heart, [...]

MB’s Blog: It’s in Every One of Us

Maybe it’s because I live in Santa Cruz, but I see the most interesting things on my way to work. Sometimes it’s a work of art provided by mother nature, like this: And sometimes it’s a work of heart provided by a human, like this: Although seemingly different, I believe both of these masterpieces have [...]

MB’s Blog: You’re Perfect.

Saw this guy on my way to work today; he was smiling, standing on the corner and holding a simple, hand made sign. He made my day. But not at first. Now, I am not sure why he decided to make the sign. Or why he spent his morning greeting commuters with it. Or why [...]

MB’s Blog: Checkin’ My Look in the Mirror

So, for those of you who just arrived on the planet, I am sorry to tell you that Michael Jackson has died. Now, I am reluctant to confess this, and I don’t really like admitting it in public, but here goes: I am not and never was a Michael Jackson fan. Gasp! I know, I [...]

MB’s Blog: Lessons from a YouTube video

Before you read this, watch the video below. Seriously. It will be just 2 minutes and 9 seconds out of your life and, I guarantee, you’ll smile for longer than that after you watch it. Plus, the rest of this blog won’t make sense if you don’t. This was caught on the Jumbotron at a [...]

MB’s Blog: What kind of world do you want?

I have always had dreams of being a pop star. I am convinced that, given another chance at this life, I could be a household first name, you know, like Madonna or Cher. This assumes, though, that my mother would’ve been out of her “Little House on the Prairie” phase when naming me because “Mary [...]