News: A Small Act Documentary Movie Partners with Boom Boom! Revolution

We’ve got some super exciting news that’s hot off the press…oops, we mean the film reel!

We’ve recently partnered up with the A Small Act HBO documentary movie in order to spread our shared message: that simple gestures of kindness can have a dramatic impact on others and inspire more good actions! We’re so proud to be partnering with such a great film.

A Small Act is a documentary film with an inspiring message about the power of generosity. We’ve created a special Boom Boom! card that will be handed out at A Small Act film screenings, so that those people who are moved by this message can take steps to perform their own small acts of kindness. Plus, a special Boom Boom! insert is included with the DVD for those who host community screenings of A Small Act!

To learn more about A Small Act and what makes it so Boom Boom!, check out:

A Small Act Movie

Find a screening near you!

Host a screening in your town!

News: Boom Boom! Loves World Kindness Week :: Nov 8-14

World Kindness Week is here!

Everyday Boom Booms…and Everyday Boom Boom! is the perfect place to shout about it. Yes, right here you can document, give props to and report any and all acts of awesomeness you witness, perform or are the recipient of. And, not just this week mind you…it can be done ANY TIME! Why celebrate world kindness for one measly week out of the year? Let’s make it a habit to recognize the good that’s out there in an effort to inspire and create more.

Everyday Boom Boom! Makes it Easy to Celebrate World Kindness.

Here’s How:

With an existing account:

  1. Click here to post your Everyday Boom Boom!
    if you’re not logged in you’ll need to do that first
  2. Fill it out, tell your story (you can upload pics and/or video too!).
  3. Hit “Save”.
  4. Done!

Without an account:

1. Click here to create a new account (it’s quick & painless, promise).
2. When done, you’ll  have a chance to complete your profile (c’mon, do it!).
3. Return to to this blog post and post your Everyday Boom Boom!
4. Now tell your story about an awesome act of guerilla goodness you witnessed, performed or were the recipient of.
5. Hit save.
6. Done!

See…it wasn’t that bad, now was it?

Thanks for adding your contribution to the Good Stream in favor of World Kindness. Now, you should be all set to celebrate World Kindness Week and World Kindness Day 2010 (Nov. 13th). You’ve given someone props and you most likely inspired someone else too! It’s a two-fer. Well done.

Boom Boom

News: the Family Deck won the 2010 Brilliance Award!

We’d like to thank Brilliant Sky Toys & Books for honoring the Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck with this year’s 2010 Brilliance Award and naming it the Socially Responsible Toy of the Year. Wow. We are beyond excited and even prouder that such an amazing company like Brilliant Sky thinks we are that cool. Whoa.

Haven’t heard of Brilliant Sky Toys & Books? You should definitely check them out. They are an amazing resource for intelligent, thoughtful, fun and high quality products your kids will love.

Thanks again, Brilliant Sky. We are super pumped! We heart you too!

Boom Boom!

News: Boom Boom! Cards Family Day Promotion

In honor of Family Day this Monday, September 27, Boom Boom! Cards is excited to promote family togetherness through intentional acts of kindness.

Update (Sept. 30th) Winner Announced!
The winner of our Family Day promotion is CoyoteBlue! She and her family built a fort using Boom Boom! Card #3 from the Family Deck. She’s decided to get the entire Family Deck as her prize.

Thanks for participating everyone & Boom Boom!

Learn more about how Boom Boom! Cards is celebrating Family Day 2010.

Ready to get a hold of that pdf to start playing with these promotional Family Day Boom Boom! Cards? (See below)

Family Day 2010 Virtual Boom Boom! Cards

News: Family Day 2010 is this Monday! Celebrate with Boom Boom! Cards

Celebrate Family Day 2010 with the Boom Boom! Family Deck

Celebrate Family Day 2010 with the Boom Boom! Family Deck

Is it just me or does life keep getting faster and faster? Days quickly turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and months become years…all in what seems like the blink of an eye. And, with that constant and urgent rush of  the day to day, it’s easy get so caught up in what’s happening in the outside world that we forget to slow down, check in and connect with the people in our lives who matter most–our family!

This is why the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) is spearheading a national Family Day movement, encouraging parents to make family dinners a priority. Research performed by CASA at Columbia University has found that the more often kids eat dinner with their families, the less likely it is that they will smoke, drink, or do drugs. I bet this comes as a surprise to no one and still, it can be a real challenge to take a breath and BE with each other, even it it’s for one meal. CASA wants to change that.

Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your ChildrenTM will take place on Monday, September 27, 2010 and, along with eating a meal together, we think doing the Boom Boom! Cards Family Deck with your kids is a great way to join in on the celebration! Talking about the random acts of kindness you’ve performed is an inspiring topic for the dinner table, and the discussion cards included make it easy to jump right into the conversation!

One mother was so inspired by Boom Boom! Cards and Family Day that she contacted us with an awesome idea! Bailey Vincent Clark (founder of the Makeover Momma blog) decided that starting on Family Day and continuing for a month, she and her kids will be playing each card in the Family Deck. Once a card has been played, she will send it to one of her blog followers to keep the Boom Boom! Revolution going. She will also be creating videos and posting about the whole experience on her blog. We LOVE this idea!

And Bailey, in turn, inspired us to sponsor a special Family Day promotion with  “virtual” Boom Boom! Cards. We will post the link to the card on September 23rd, and anyone who plays that card and posts about it on the website between September 23rd and September 29th, will be entered to win the Boom Boom! Cards deck of their choice! Stay tuned for video updates on Wednesday and Thursday of this week with more info.

Make Family Day 2010 the day that your family starts working together to bring a little more kindness into the world. Boom Boom!

Family Day 2010 Virtual Boom Boom! Cards

News: Sunday, September 12th is Grandparents Day!

Need some inspiration? Check out these two wonderful posts from Becky and Family Five. Both played Family Deck Card #2 and sent the handmade messages to their grandparents. Well done team!

Family Five “Sending love and celebrating YaYa!”
Becky “Dear Great Grandma…”

Of course there are other cards in the Original and Teen Decks that you could play too. Why not look through your deck and see what card you can play in the name of Grandma, Grandpa, Poppa, Pop-pop, Noni, YaYa, GG…(or whatever awesome name you call them).

Don’t forget to share with us what you did for Grandparent’s Day by doing any one of these things below:

1. Post your own Boom Boom! Card to the site (either Family Deck Card #2 or any other card you think appropriate)
2. Share what you did in the the comment space below
3. Post an Everyday Boom Boom! on the site

We will Tweet and post some of the entries to Facebook to share with everyone in the Boom Boom! community and beyond.

This Sunday, honor your grandparents by letting them know how much they mean to you. The deserve a little Boom Boom! don’t ya think?


News: Boom Boom! Revolution Gives Back by Supporting Auction to Raise Cancer Awareness

Working toward their goal of creating a social revolution of kindness, Boom Boom! Revolution paid it forward on August 19, 2010 through their donation to ‘Fashion Fights Cancer,’ an annual event that uses fashion to raise funds and awareness to fight cancer.

Boom Boom! at Fashion Fights Cancer 2010

Fashion Fights Cancer Event Invite

Twitter Recap of the Fashion Fights Cancer Event --> #audiffc

The 2010 Fashion Fights Cancer event was held at Manhattan’s exquisite Audi Forum in New York. It was hosted by actress and recording artist Suzy Malick and featured the collections from five New York-based designers: Tadashi Shoji (featured in Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week), Beauty Mark (by Bryon Lars), Whistle & Flute, Lotusgrace and Kahri (by Kahrianne Kerr).

Boom Boom! Revolution generously donated card kits for the gift bags for the charitable event, where a percentage of all sales and ticket purchases were donated to I’m Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation and The Cancer Research Institute.

“It’s important to practice what you preach. Not only was the Fashion Fights Cancer event an opportunity to help others in need, but it also gave us the chance to participate in the movement of what this company is all about,” said Mary Beth Campbell, founder of the Boom Boom! Revolution.

Each deck of Boom Boom! Cards donated to the event contains 26 individual acts of kindness designed to create a social revolution of giving. Each card is an invitation to join the Boom Boom! Revolution, a small but growing army of people who are confident that they can re-vision the world they know and create the world they want through simple acts of kindness that allow them to reach out and inspire the innate altruism that lives in everyone.

Join the Boom Boom! Revolution community:

News: They’re Here At Last!

Yep, that’s right, it’s time to behold the newest additions to Boom Boom! Cards! (ahem, drum roll please…)

The Green & Family Decks!

Based on feedback and requests from you Revolutionaries out there, we put our noses to the grindstone in an effort to expand the Boom Boom! Cards family. We are thrilled about these two new decks and think you will be too. Here’s a little bit about them:

The Family Deck:
revolutionary acts for families to create and inspire kindness


Many of you wanted cards to play with your elementary aged children and/or as a family together. We talked a lot about this and after we went, “Duh! Why didn’t we think of that?” we buckled down and started creating. We took this as an opportunity to tweak the standard notion of the Boom Boom! Cards, and change the format a bit to engage younger children who may be limited by their age to post online or interact with the website; with the Family Deck we leave that part to mom and dad. The kids get an activity board, stickers and do-it-yourself Boom Boom! Cards! The whole family gets to create a team name, a mission statement and use the included discussion cards to talk about the experience of doing the cards. This is a great way to bring your family together and change the world. For more information about the Family Deck, go here.

The Green Deck:
revolutionary acts of greenness for a healthy life & happy planet!


This deck is for those your you who want to “be kind and track it online” in the name of Mother Earth, our ultimate home base. If you love being an Agent of Altruism for the human race, you will love being an Agent of Altruism on special assignment for the planet. Each of the 26 cards has simple and effective ways to enhance your daily life as well as help sustain the life of the beautiful orb we all share. It’s the small changes we make in our daily habits that will add up to big changes for future generations. For more information about the Green Deck, go here.


News: R & D

Hey there! Great new things are on the horizon and we are excited to let you know about them!

Directly after the V2  launch of the site, we buckled down and dug our heels deep into research and development readying ourselves for the next phase…expanding the Boom Boom! Cards family. Yep, we’re working diligently behind the scenes to create two new decks AND an iPhone app!

We don’t intend to come up for air until they are all launched. So look for us to take big deep breaths sometime in mid July!

Stay tuned for updates as we make progress. In the meantime, keep up the…

Boom Boom!

News: It’s Teacher Appreciation Day!

4_originalThat’s right, it’s an extra special reason to reach out to that current or past favorite teacher in your life and let them know how they impacted you. You can even do it right here and easily post it to Facebook or Twitter. Just make an account (if you don’t already have one), log in and simply click the red “Everyday Boom Boom!” card you see on the home page. Then, write a dedication to that mentor who made a difference in your life. You can even add pictures and video. Best of all, it’s free! So why not  give that terrific teacher some Boom Boom! Props?

Now, if you actually have Boom Boom! Cards, today is the very perfect day to play card #4. It’s all about thanking that person in your life who helped you become the person you are.

For some inspiration, we’ve included one of our favorite card #4 plays. Check it out. It might just get you all fired up to start a chain reaction of educational gratitude!!

Boom Boom!