• Teen Deck

Be a key player in the uprising of guerilla goodness with these teen inspired kindness cards.

The Boom Boom! Cards Teen Deck provides a great opportunity for teens to make an ongoing impact at school and at home. Each Boom Boom! card in the Teen Deck contains a revolutionary act of kindness you can do for your friends or your family, at school or at home, giving you the opportunity to change the world for the better. You can be a guerilla goodness trendsetter by doing revolutionary acts of kindness like smiling at and acknowledging someone who might feel they are ignored (Teen Deck Card # 24), wishing someone a happy half birthday (Teen Deck Card #4), and attending a school event that traditionally has low attendance (Teen Deck Card #8).

Once you’ve completed a Teen Deck card, let other Agents of Altruism in the Boom Boom! community know by sharing your story on our website, http://boomboomcards.com. Take it to the next level by posting photos and videos and then pass that card along to a fellow classmate, a teacher, or friend to keep the kindness revolution going. Each of the kindness cards in the Teen Deck have a unique ID, which allows you to follow your card on the Boom Boom! map and see how far your positive trend setting spreads within your community and beyond!

Teen Deck Includes (Price: $9.99): Buy Teen Deck Boom Boom! Cards

• 26 Boom Boom! Cards (created just for teens)

• Boom Boom! sticky note pad (so you can leave notes to those you’ve Boom Boom’d!)

• Handy carrying sack to keep it all in

Award Winning Activity for Teens

In July 2011, the Teen Deck was recognized by the Creative Child Magazine Awards Program. Boom Boom! Cards Teen Edition won a 2011 Seal of Excellence in the ‘Media for Nurturing Acts of Kindness’ category.

PTPA Winner - Boom Boom! Cards Teen DeckIn November 2010, the Boom Boom! Cards Teen Deck received the Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Award along with Boom Boom!’s Green and Family Decks. Before landing in the PTPA Winner’s Circle, selected products are evaluated by over 40,000 volunteer parent testers.

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Playing the Teen Deck

Teen Deck of Kindness CardsTo play, simply register your Teen Deck online at http://boomboomcards.com, and then share the stories of your trendsetting kindness with the Boom Boom! community as you perform the revolutionary acts on each card.

Once completed, pass each card along for another Agent of Altruism in-the-making to perform.

Follow up on our website to track the ‘do-good’ action you have inspired locally and across the globe!

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